Get Lucky! Get Lucky!


This is not Joshua James. It could be. But it is not.

Joshua James is neither a rocket scientist nor a Viking warrior, yet he thinks he is qualified to tell stories about spaceships and mercenaries.

In fact, he is a cubicle dweller. But by night early morning, he throws off his glasses, closes his spreadsheets, and writes stories. Glorious, loud, mad, smelly stories about glorious, loud, mad, smelly characters.

Some of them are even good. OK, acceptable? Legible?

He grew up in central Texas (central, central Texas) and spent his late teens shuttling between bookstores in Dallas and Fort Worth and quoting Star Trek: The Next Generation lines to exasperated family members.

He dropped out of college. Twice. So he’s a quitter. But on the other hand, he’s no quitter.

Amazingly, he still finds time to procrastinate. And write about himself in the third person. And sometimes write novels.